July 25th, 2009


One of the things I'm doing at Worldcon is photographing fans on Saturday from ten till four -- I think it might make a nifty gallery show to just get shots of a bunch of semi-random fans. I've been wanting to figure out lighting for a while and this afternoon I mentioned to planetx and J.R. Blackwell that I needed some people to test stuff on. They mentioned they had some costumes they didn't have photos of, did I mind if they brought a trunk of stuff over? Heck no. Did they mind if I changed lights between every shot? Heck no. So we shot stuff up.

I came to the sad conclusion that I need to bring the big stands, the big backdrop, the big lights, the big softbox, the big lens -- basically everything that I was hoping not to have to cart off to Canada.

The best shots, or at least the ones I like the best, were with the 62 inch Softliter II, and a 40 degree gridded spot on the backdrop and I realize I need about 30 feet by ten feet to do it all, because I want to use the 200 mm f2.8 lens.


If you're coming to Worldcon, stop by Saturday, right at the top of the escalators at the 5th floor, we'll be set up and snappin' away.

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Sitting out on the back porch with Roswell typing this. Life is pretty darn good.
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