August 2nd, 2009

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Friday night we went to dinner with Michael Freaking Swanwick, Tom Freaking Purdom, Susan Casper and Gardner Dozois (this link goes to a page called "Gardner Dozois and Susan Casper Take a Rickshaw to the Hugos, which is too awesome not to link to), Scifi / romance novelist Victoria Janssen, Science of Superman, and Life in Twilight author Mark Wolverton trillian_stars and globetrotting archaeologist whafford.

I took this photo with my phone just to prove I was there (ironic because I'm the only one you can't tell is there....)

Michael Swanwick has been producing these art pieces which I've coveted forever -- he writes a story, puts it in a bottle, seals the bottle, and destroys all copies / computer files / notes about the story and then gives you the bottle. You can either have the art object, or you can have the story -- but you can't have both. He wrote one for Trillian about marriage (I can see that much through the side of the bottle) and we're super excited to have it.

So freaking awesome!

After dinner we walked Tom back to his house and whafford and Michael rode off into the sunset to talk about writing and publishing and other matters of Great Import. I treat it hastily, but it really was a magical evening. Those people are filled with the most amazing and wonderful stories, but also great wit, genius and an incredible kindness. I'm lucky to know them.

Saturday we had a top secret photo shoot, which I'm very excited about. There will be another one tonight.

Did a final check on my Worldcon lighting with some volunteers

going to pack everything up now and work on my lectures.

Yesterday we went to see Comedy of Errors in Clark Park and I wrote one article for Videomaker magazine, I have another one due tomorrow morning.
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