August 8th, 2009

worldcon - day 3

Today was freaking awesome. Colin and I got to the convention center early in the morning and set up for this fan portraits project that I'm working on -- basically I'd wanted to photograph everyone there. I was hoping to get a picture of what "fandom" is. When a reporter goes to a f&sf convention they invariably come back with a photo of the guy in the stormtrooper outfit but never the rest of the people who are there.

We photographed for six hours -- I'm not sure how many people we shot, but it was a lot. I was a bit bleary eyed and confused by the time we were done -- it was a lot what I imagine being in a clothes dryer must be. Some people from CBS News who were doing a pice on Neil came by and spent an hour videotaping what I was doing and then did an interview with me about this thing and about WKAP.

I got so many good photos. Margurite is one that just pops to mind -- random fan who was kind enough to let me photograph her:

Not everyone who walked through was random. At one point I looked up and a smiling woman handed me her model release and said "Hi, I'm Connie Willis." There was a long pause and I said "Hi. I'm a bit speechless." and after Connie Willis a lot more of the rich and famous swam through with the streams of fandom and I realized that one thing about f&sf which doesn't seem to be true of many other genres is that the authors, the best ones, every one, not only started out as fans but they still are.

John Scalzi is a superhero, and he's a wonderfully nice man, and he's a fan:

so many great photos ... so little time to talk about them.

After all that shooting we ran off to a quick dinner and then I did a "Behind the Scenes at Who Killed Amanda Palmer" slide show which rocked. It was one of the better speaking engagements I've ever done (if I say so myself). As we were leaving the 2008 Clarion class ambushed me at the door "WE'RE YOUR POSSEE!" they shouted gleefully, "we have a dancer, and two fencers! and two physicists! We're prepared to do anything!"

After deciding that our powers should only be used for good, we hied off to the bar at the Intercontinental Hotel and had a lovely time drinkin absinthe and then somehow we ended up at George R. R. Martin's party at the Delta. I was a bit loopy from all the craziness of the day and running around, but we kept bumping into people who I'd photographed and everyone was all smiles and joy and ... well, the whole evening was all smiles and joy.

We made it back to Bagle O' Death's place and we're all sitting around the dining room table typing on our laptops and Colin and whafford are having a spirited discussion about Thor Hyerdol and the keel's of his boats.

This ... this life is awesome. I can't think of a way to improve it, but I'm going to keep trying. I hope you're all doing wonderful things, (and if you have anything to say about Thor Hyderdol's adventures, pipe up.)

(p.s. I also met James Freaking Morrow whow wrote Towing Jehova, which I loved like chocolate -- he was so nice!)
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