August 13th, 2009

catching up with more Hugo stuff

trillian_stars wore this Kambriel dress on Saturday. You can get a dress like this or one of her other creations at her website she also makes numerous one of a kind creations.

uberfan david a. kyle was a the very first worldcon. i met him hanging out at the george r. r. martin party.

the 2009 Hugo base (the rocket is the same, the base is different every year) was designed by Dave Howell and I think it's one of the most beautiful. Greg from Dreamhaven books accepted these two for Phil and Kaja Foglio who couldn't be there and he had them on display Monday.

I need to finish up a short story, I'd been hoping to get to it last night but we ended up watching Shutter with friends -- tres cool Thai horror movie about a photographer. Still not back in the groove of things. I have a meeting with my agent tonight about Where I Write and also I have a phone meeting with the Livejournal advisory board.

And we got new flatware. Whee.

That is all.
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I just got a phone call saying that Cory Doctrow boing-boinged Where I Write and the response crashed my ISP.

Somewhere in Arizona, people are freaking out.

That is all.
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