August 16th, 2009

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Today's a mishmash of stuff I didn't post before.

Congrats to the winners of the Roswell/Mer-People flash fiction writing contest. Book sent out. Enjoy it. I'm about half-way through and enjoying it muchly. Chris Howard, who wrote Seaborn and judged the contest is on lj by the way, if you want to check out his awesome blog with lots and lots of his paintings and even some videos showing how he made a particular painting from start to finish, he's the0phrastus. If you like mer-people or painting, or web comics or science fiction authors, add away.

Simply Funky has an article up about The Hive which is very nice if you missed my Hive photo project it's here. And it's nifty. I'm a bit sad that so much other wonderful stuff is going on and the Hive is getting buried at the moment. It'll shine when the show opens, so I'm not really sad.

some of you asked, here's our new flatware

question now is what to do with the flatware we already have.....

Someone posted a lovely photo of me and George R. R. Martin at his Worldcon party I can't remember if I linked to this already. But if I did, it's worth looking at again.

Hey, it's Cathrynne M. Valente the famous novelist!

In other news, tasty vegetarian sandwiches with Roswell and Trillian Stars and Hennepin for lunch yesterday.

what's that vegetarian "meat like stuff" made out of?

Well, according to our experts, it's made out of Cat Fud.

Today we're working on the Top Secret project with Elizabeth Bear assisted by the lovely shiningfae and therudasill. (Oooh! How exciting!) That'll be my flash 4x creative for the weekend.

Hope y'all are swell today. Do something awesome.

OH, speaking of which btw, if you're not a member of 2xcreative the group we started for people to be able to collaborate on projects, niamh_sage, pandorasfox and I have started a monthly "flash collaboration" which some people might be interested in -- we (and when I say "we" I mean niamh_sage and pandorasfox) collect the names of people who are interested in a very short, very speedy collaboration, pair people up on friday and the results are "due" on monday so if you were thinking that you don't have time for a long drawn out project you might want to check that out. The results of the first one should be up this coming Monday.

Okay, now feel free to rock on.
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