August 23rd, 2009

Hennepin, that's MAH pot pie!

We have a wealth of Ethiopian restaurants in the hizzle and eat at them not infrequently. There are a couple of things I really like, the Atkilt Wat which is potatoes, cabbage, carrots and maybe some green beans, and I like this spicy lentil stuff. And, of course, the fava bean soup I wrote about before. Recently the african/middle-eastern 7-11 style convenience store across the street started carrying fresh injera, which had always been the hangup in making Ethiopian food at home. Injera is a sour-dough bread with a texture unlike anything you've ever met in food that's a real pain in the rear to make. When I noticed I could get pounds and pounds of fresh injera every morning for not much money right across, I figured I'd have a go at trying to figure out how to make some of the things I like which seemed pretty easy and also seemed like the sorts of things you could make eight pounds of at once and eat all week.

So there's been some experimentation in the kitchen. We did very well, Hennepin approved.

trillian_stars is out riding her bicycle today with daphnep and I'm sitting here, ostensibly writing lecture notes and an article for videomaker and also re-reading Controlled Experiment for the Fantabulous Tom Purdom Book Club this wednesday. I re-read Mists of Time last night and it was even better the second time around. I caught a lot more of the academic infighting and saw some complexities of the doner/artist relationship that had squeaked by me the first time. A great story.

I realize I missed a couple of portraits in the Worldcon flickr page -- I'll take care of that this week.
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