August 28th, 2009

the drownout, rescued turtles

The Drownout has left the building.

They kicked butt, helped rescue a turtle abandoned by some savage human (let this be a reminder people: those cute little baby turtles may be the size of a quarter when you buy them, but they grow to be the size of a dinner plate, and when they get that big, they're still your responsibility, you can't just put them out on the street in the middle of a city and wash your hands of them), from there the Drownout zoomed north -- they're playing saturday night at Arlene's Grocery in NYC, where you should go see them.

Trill and I watched a couple episodes of Shark Week: Ocean of Fear (if you didn't think she was the most awesome woman on the face of the earth before, you will no doubt be convinced now) which were, awesome. We watched Towelhead (it was no House of Sand and Fog), the Masterpiece Theatre production of The Woman in White which rocked like Iron Maiden and AC/DC playing you birthday party. After a lot of running around we felt we could do with a wee bit of slacking.

I'm about 15 pages away from finally finishing Seaborn. I was sitting out on the back porch tonight while it was raining, reading by candle light while Roswell and Hennepin sat on my feet thinking that this was about as good as life could get, but you can't get complacent.

We're toying with the idea of going up to NYC tomorrow to see the Drownout again and hang out with shuttergal but I have three articles for Videomaker due by the 13th (they do everything by quarter now, which is a bit of a pain in one aspect, but liberating in another because you're writing like a fiend for a while, but then you're off -- I'm thinking I really should try and finish as much of those as I can).

But I do want to see Shuttergal and Mike Kaluta. Gah. As my father says: "Decisions, decisions!"

Anyway, hope your lives are filled with lots of decisions, all of which lead to wonderfulness.
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