September 1st, 2009

my tooth! my tooth! my tooth is on fire!

Well! Five weeks or so after my tooth broke I got a root canal today (whee!). It was pretty cool actually, they gave me a mirror so I could watch -- I couldn't really see my tooth, but I could see the vast array of implements going in and out of my mouth -- absolutely fascinating. Part of the really fine work he did while looking through an enormous stereo microscope. (This is kind of exactly what it looked like but cooler. Picture it happening on the Death Star.) The dentist routed out all of the internal nerve and filled the hole with a mixture of plastic and zinc oxide and using a device that looked (and smelled) a lot like a soldering iron, melted that right in the tooth. It smelled like burning cloves.

This new learning amazes me Bedivere.....

I have at least two more appointments, they're going to remove my old filling and then make a crown. It's been an exciting trip.

Oh yeah, the big white bit there is the temporary crown that they put on last week that ... popped off about an hour ago, so I'm sort of right back where I started -- but I can haz root canal!

I asked the surgeon of he liked his job, "is this fun?" -- he thought about it a minute and said "Yes, I guess it is. I like building things." It's nice to think that he gets to look back at the end of the day and think "I had a good day, I built stuff, I fixed things."

gettin' mah x-ray's tooked:

Alibaster was down for a few days and we had much in the way of swell times. We had a picnic out at the zoo & went to XIX for drinks on the balcony. We feasted for days on Ethiopian food, Vegemite, and tofu hoagies.

trillian_stars got a new dress by Vintage Opulance on Etsy

and Alibaster made her a choker to go with it.

alibaster herself

trillian_stars made me some swell potatoe soup on the chance that my tooth would hurt but so far everything feels fine. I'm glad I live in the world of modern dentistry.

Hope your day was as nice as mine.
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