September 6th, 2009

what's been goin' on lately...

Sweet Barking Cheese! khaybee and chamisa who got paired up on 2xcreative, the group we started for pairing random people up with random people to Do Creative Projects, unveiled their collaboration and it was a wedding present for trillian_stars and me! What an awesome wonderful thing. more about it in their 2xcreative post. Here's how it looks on our sofa:

I bet you're wondering "what did kylecassidy and Roswell the Cat make trillian_stars for breakfast today? Well, it was a slightly burned breakfast burrito. Here Roswell explains that it is overcooked by love:

Hennepin lies in wait, like a SHARK to eat anything left unguarded:

I can haz iphone??!?!

In other news, I finally traded in my five year old Palm Treo for a phone not made out of wood. Partly after seeing Alibasters and thinking "I can leave my GPS at home and not pay $150 t update the map every year?" So far the experience has been mostly positive. It's much more difficult to type on than the treo, which sported a really fast keyboard, and also, i can't figure out where a lot of the characters i use a lot in my typing are, like the hyphen, things that were an obvious ctrl+ on the Palm are buried somewhere in multiple finger mashings.

But anyways -- web browsing is speedy and very very nice, the pinch-zoom thing is freakin' great, the camera is right nice also.

So -- let me ask you, oh wise intharwebz, what are your favorite iphone apps?

iPhone Photographed with Roswell to Enhance Value

Oh, and hello nine million new facebook and twitter friends. I actually have been posting some "extra stuff" to fb & twitter because it seems a little too trivial to post here (which r srsus blog). (In the next few days I think I shall be posting an essay about why I love LiveJournal in the age of Twitter.)

Anyway good friends, have a most excellent day. I am off to write magazine articles. Tell me about iPhone stuff I cannot live without.