September 17th, 2009

Photo workshop in the Pacific Northwest

Okay folks -- I've just been on the phone with Circle Freaking 23 (circle23) and we were thinking that it would be nice to do an informal one day joint photography workshop the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Tentatively (and this is all still very speculative) this would involve two sets of people -- (1) photographers who want to learn about lighting/portraits/their cameras and (2) people who'd like a lovely portrait of themselves.* Most likely this would be three hours of photo tutorial & practice, and then three hours of open model shoots with a cost structure something like $50 for photographers $20 for "models", everybody leaves with a CD of their photos AND everybody has a swell time along the way.

* This doesn't mean "models" -- it means anybody -- like, if you just want to come hang out, eat vegan sushi, meet Trillian Stars and get a Livejournal icon photo, that's fine).

If you have other ideas, please leave them in the comments.

Poll #1459081 photo workshop in the pacific northwest

On Saturday November 28, 2009 I would like to attend a photo workshop in

Seattle Washington
Portland Oregon

I would attend as a


This is completely unrelated but I would like to

rub Roswell's belly
give Roswell some Nori
carry Roswell around like a baby
get Trillian Stars to autograph my forehead with a Sharpie
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