September 19th, 2009

Stuff. More to Come.

Dark Roasted Blend just picked up Where I Write ( -- I am sailing the viral ocean. Thanks to chamisa for noticing and letting me know.

Also, yyes I know it's international Talk Like A Pirate Day -- how, you may ask? Because I did their poster for them in 2004 with International Fetish Model Kiwi. (aka: petitbout -- wealthy single men may prostrate themselves before her with offers of slavering devotion, diamonds and jewels -- I can't guarantee it'll work, but it's worth a try):

I'm glad they're getting so many props. Yaargh! Shiver me timbers, Ned Lynch!

Tomorrow or so I shall post the winner of the Montblanc giveaway and more info about the SEATTLE PHOTO WORKSHOP. Now I shall either work on the Swanwick/Cassidy thingie, or fall asleep.

goodnight kids.
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food and model call

1) Any models in West Philly who have time this afternoon? I'm working on a not-really-terribly-secret lighting experiment sometime between 2 and 4 and could use an extra face or two.

2) Cooking has been really good lately. Last night I made what turned out to be a noodle-less vegan lasagna that was ... well, I ate the whole thing. Low fat, low cal, but tasty as all get-out. I'm very pleased with it. We're slowly working on Cooking With Roswell but it's between lots of other things. I'll probably give the lasagna one more shot tomorrow and it'll probably be ready to get writ down.

This morning there was a fiery new twist on breakfast which met with great success (trillian_stars and I fighting over the last bit -- she stabbed me in the arm with a fork, but while she was doing that, I managed to down the last mouthfuls).

3) Seattle seating is going to be limited seating and it's going to be first-come first serve to ten photographers and fifteen models. I'll post early monday morning with instructions and everyone can have at it. If you don't get a seat, don't worry too much about it, I'll need to be back in Seattle soon enough anyway to do sci-fi portraits and I can probably wrangle a workshop around in that. I'm pleased that wyera will be running the registration for that one -- she did such an excellent job in Toronto.

4) There are workshops coming together in Maryland and up in PA too. The PA one is going to be specifically designed for Renn Faire costumers / Designers & models, which I'm excited about. More on that when things are more concrete.

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