September 21st, 2009

Seattle Workshop

Okay, this is the opening bell for Saturday November 28th's one day photo workshop being held in Seattle WA. There are ten slots open for photographers and fifteen slots open for "models" -- by which we mean someone who wants their photo taken and is willing to work with a class, no experience necessary -- if you have a swank dress you made for the Renn Faire or some awesome necklace you want photographed, this is your chance.

This is a really informal workshop and we know what the economy's like, so it's recession-priced accordingly -- $66 for photographers and $30 for models. It's being run by me and circle23 and we'll both be on hand to talk cameras and walk everybody through using studio lights and natural light to do portrait photography.

For photographers it's a full day of classroom time / discussion / portfolio review / setups and shooting and for models, it's a fun filled hour of dressing up and acting like a star.

To reserve your spot you need to email Wyera at: wyeramonster at gmail dot com and let her know that you want to sign up as either a model or a photographer. She'll email back saying whether or not you made the list and where to send your down payment. The class is going to sell out, but we'll have a short cancellation list as well just in case. This is first-come-first serve and it's going to be fun and relaxed. Once the lists are finalized, there will be a pre-class homework packet going out to photographers and you'll need to do some things before we all get together.

A couple other things:

1) We may still be looking for a location for this -- if you have a largish sized house with a big dining room table or lots of floor space a few windows and access to the outdoors AND don't mind a gaggle of photographers snapping photos all over the place, drop me a line.

2) Would you be interested in paying an extra fee (probably not more than $5) to have a professional model there to work with photographers during the initial classroom setups and advise the models on posing and The Model Life during the afternoon shoots? If there's interest, we'll see about getting someone.

3) We will probably have a "have dinner with kylecassidy, trillian_stars, circle23 and special guests after the class if people are interested, this would be open to anyone, in class or not, so we'd be looking for a restaurant that would take a group of 20 and serve recession priced meals. (I love the Taco Bell myself.) Keep your eyes open. More on that as the date approaches.

Okay that's it. Be fabulous today! I have two new photo projects that I'm really excited about -- you'll see some of one of them soon.

*** While you can, in theory, do this class with a point and shoot, I'd recommend that everybody have a DSLR and a portrait lens. (I recommend a 50mm f 1.8 lens which you can pick up used for about a hundred dollars.) ***

In other news, check out the tuque I got for Trillian Stars while I was in Canada. I'm told this is the official native dress of our neighbors to the North. No doubt this winter will see a lot of people stopping her on the bus and saying "Nice hat, eh??!!!"

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Toronto Workshop Recap

Back from Toronto where we all had a marvelous time -- class was broken up into two days, the first day was mostly classroom/portfolio review but we spent time talking about the fundamentals of photography and the second day we put that into practice and did some setups and some flash assignments.

One of the setups we did was outdoor flash and for it we roped princestryphyna into getting on the other side of the camera. I think it needs someone about ten feet behind her on a pogo stick, but we made do with what we had.

Cynthia has a behind-the-scenes making-of for this shot here</a> along with some commentary that describes the class pretty well.

Here we all are on the last day with the box of Wheetabix they gave me in honor of James Baylock's "Last Coin".

that's princestryphyna, cynfulbeads, stonetable, ceinwen, wyera, and amethyst07 in no particular order (photo by Roy)

It was a mighty swell time had by all.

There are still spots in the Seattle Workshop, especially the model section -- so if you rolled out of bed at noon thinking "dang! I probably missed it!" you were in good company.
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