October 21st, 2009

A flurry of Activity

maleghast was out from England and stayed with us for two days, it was lovely having him. He took my dusty Leica R8 out and put film through it. Who woulda thunk it's more than a beautiful sculpture.

Trillian got this flapper dress from kambriel (who posted about it here):

I went out and bought a new iPhone ($650 if you lose your iPhone kids) because I realized that without one people cannot survive. I've been Twittering some iPhonetography.

My tooth, for those of you still wondering, has been root canaled and then built up, and cut down, and now has a temporary crown, two more visits and I will have a permanent crown and be the king.

Tonight Nicki Jaine and Voltaire are playing the North Star and tomorrow Peter Freaking Straub's in town. Lots to do. You're coming to our party on Sunday, right?

That's about it. Be swell today.

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