October 28th, 2009

Hello Cleveland!

I'm about to skip out the door for Ohio where I shall be working on Where I Write, photographing science fiction authors in their lairs including C.C. Finlay, Mike Resnick, Tobias Buckell & John Scalzi and also to Cat Valente's wedding leaving trillian_stars to open The Weir all alone. Such, I suppose is the life of the creative couple. While I love to travel and be other places and meet other people, I already want to be back.

So, dear Magic Hotel, is there anyone in Chesterland or Cleveland with a spare sofa for Saturday and Sunday night? And anyone around Bluffton for Friday night? Though, in theory I may make it all the way to Cleveland Friday evening. I'll be out photographing most of the time but who wants to stay in a Motel 6 when you can be meeting people? Especially when Saturday's mah birthday.

Here's Trillian's Other Wedding Dress, made by petitbout and Mayfaire Moon.

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I realize this has been like the all Trillian Stars channel lately. It is now the road trip channel. I have to figure out a good way to get pix up here from my iPhone. There's probably an app. There's an app for everything.

So, dear reader, until Ohio, adieu.

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