November 17th, 2009

all sorts of goodies

1) Amanda Freaking Palmer's in town tomorrow night (11/18) playing the TLA. After the show she and I will be signing copies of the big book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer and, I'm sure, whatever else people bring. I think I signed a squid last time.

2) trillian_stars' play, The Weir (awesome spooky photo by yours truly on that link) has sold out all the remaining performances except Thursday (I think, that might be sold out now too, but do check), they've added extra seats to the stage and now they've added an extra show, a matinee on Saturday. If you see Trill there or me at Philcon on Saturday we'll both still love you. (I'd recommend seeing Trill.)

3) A Big PackageTM arrived in the mail yesterday. It was .... an autographed set of sleigh Stephen Leigh's Celtic fantasy novels! (Booklist called them "good enough to cast in gold" -- which is a pretty unambivalent review.)

Stephen was very kind to me on the Where I Write trip through Ohio. He has a very nice office with very little clutter and many many many framed book covers.

Roswell saw them and proceeded to a) answer a phone call on her foot and then b) attack mysterious dragons in the carpet. Do not doubt the evil effects of fantasy novels on our youth.

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Feel free to lolcat her as needed.

I think that's about it. Oh, except for this thing I saw on the Web this morning while ordering a shirt:

I think we can safely blame this downturn in society on fantasy novels.

Go and do wonderful things today, and say "hello" if you see us this week!

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