November 18th, 2009

fun times in the town of Philly

Lots going on today. Pinball marathon last night with bethofalltrades and Haley, catching up, etc. and today yawns before us like some great unwrit novel filled with potential.

In some way I'm going to do fan portraits at the Amanda Palmer show at the TLA tonight. We still haven't figured out the logistics of it. It might be pulling people from the line out front before doors which, out of all the options we floated last night, seems the most pragmatic, but it's still up in the air. So if you're getting all dolled up to come to teh showz it might be a good idea to show up Real Freakin Early. I'm just sayin.

trillian_stars is mostly over her long illness (well, it was a week). During her convalescence I very cleverly slept in the Club for the Gentry and left food and gifts at the door of her room, texted her when i had something to say and washed my hands 30 times a day. My mother thinks I'm a horrible husband. This might be true, but I am not sick.

Sometime this weekend she gathered the strength to crawl down to the sofa and check her mail. Which is when I snapped this foto. She's all hot and shiznit even when she's at death's door. Like a character from an Alexandre Dumas novel.

Which makes me wonder -- is there an upside to being sick? I remember my father would always buy me a Charles Schulz book when I was home sick from school, or sometimes a model ship. Looking back, it seems a little idyllic. Reading Snoopy cartoons, gluing little lifeboats to little decks, puking in a bucket.

I'm outta here. Y'all go be awesome. And let me recommend 2xcreative if you want to find someone to share your awesome with.

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