December 4th, 2009

Imogen Heap

Still working on The Big Updates but in the meantime, trillian_stars and I got to spend some time with the lovely and talented and extremely tall Imogen Heap this week. She's one of the easiest people to photograph I've ever worked with though for me it's odd to be looking up at someone. Then Trill and I went to see her (sold out) show at the TLA, had a terrific time, met lots of people from the Intharwebz (hello!) and then went off to XIX to wrap up the evening.

Here's her new video for First Train Home from the album Ellipse which just came out. I got it on iTunes.

Oh, and through some MAGIC indeSCEAN was able to score me @kylecassidy at twitter. How I do not know (possibly by killing the Kyle Cassidy who'd already got it), but I am no longer @finallykyle I am now, finally, @kylecassidy, if you're on there, you can often see the goodies as they happen, though not as carefully thought out.

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