December 9th, 2009

some things

1) I'm preparing a big LJ Rep post that will show the progress Livejournal's made since my election to be your user representative on the board. Next week or so.

2) There's been excellent news in the Kyle Cassidy / Elizabeth Bear collaboration front. Most excellent news. I was hoping that it might come out before Xmas but I don't think that's the case.

3) I did a 2xcreative project with Liz Afif who shares my ... unfortunate sense of humor. That one should be out in time for xmas. Titled "A Bunny Called Swine" it started when I twittered: " - This airport feels like hot, baking swine flu wrapped in crying babies" a couple weeks ago. If you have a niece or nephew you would like to buy an inappropriate gift for, this might be it.

4) I've got an article in this month's Videomaker Magazine -- which isn't unusual, because I've been doing a column there for years, I just keep forgetting to mention it. This one's on video formats.

5) Here's an Amanda Palmer shot from lastweekish.

This was taken using an Alien Bees 800 head with a grid.

6) I'm putting together a travel diary from Wyoming, it'll be nice. Last year I did one about the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. If you haven't seen / read it, you should take a look.

Click here to see it. It's a 19mb pdf

7) There's other news but I don't want to dilute things too much. I need a couple of extra days in the week where nothing happens.

8) It's pouring rain outside. I have an overwhelming urge to go walk in it and drink hot tea. I have a clear umbrella. It's fun. I would have preferred snow, but if life sends you rain, you ought to at least go splash in the puddles.

9) In closing, here's Mount Hood.

Hope y'all are having a swell day.

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LJ User Rep Post Thingie

For those of you who are not getting email alerts or are getting the wrong email alerts, I heard back from LJ -- they know about the issue, & an official update will be posted in support. Right now there's a large que of notification messages clogging things up, no doubt over the next couple days you'll get blasted with all your back notifications. Support is working on this.

Please feel free to repost this in your own LJ.