December 12th, 2009

busy time....

Yesterday I went to see Guo-Qiang's Fallen Blossoms at the Philadelphia Museum of art -- he'd set up an elaborate drawing made out of gunpowder and set alight the front of the building (more or less). There was smoke, there was fire.

then trillian_stars and I went to XIX, high atop the Bellvue Stratford and celebrated being alive in a world where people set fire to the front of buildings and it's called art.

Then I took this photo of her with my iPhone

so that the moment couldn't entirely bleed away.

This morning I got up early and started working on book layouts -- there are two at the moment, one's my 2xcreative project which will be lovely but keeps getting knocked back by the bigger one which I hope to have done very soon.

This afternoon I skipped out on the book layouts and we went to a party at the Sketch Club where I have a piece hanging in the show (along with Rockwell Kent and N.C. Wyeth and Thoms Ekans -- fo shizzle. Right on the wall next to them) which comes down tomorrow. We had wonderful conversations with WWII vets and artists.

Tonight we're going to see Wagner's Ring (orchestral excerpts) at the Symphony which is wonderful because we get to dress up and act fabulous which we haven't done in a while.
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