January 3rd, 2010

Stop those annoying LJ ads!

LJ gave me, (an every other paid/permanent account holder) ten half-off coupons for an lj paid account.

Here's how it works:

* You need to be a basic or plus user.
* The coupon will let you upgrade for one year for $9.95 if
you enroll in the automatic payment plan (like I'm going to be
a member from now on, bill me every year)


* You can upgrade to a one year paid account for $15

(Normally the automatic-payment accounts are $19.95 and the one year plans are $25)


First ten people who respond to this post and ask for an upgrade coupon get one.

ALSO: If you're a paid/permanent account holder and you still have invites to give away please feel free to follow up in this post that you have extras.

(If you don't know if you have coupons to give away or know nothing about this, Instructions & info are Here in this news post.)

Inre the big lj-advisory post -- I still have questions about two of the items, and the u.s. staff is on vacation till next week, so I'm holding off on the post until I get some clarification.

happy new year folks.

(also -- if you're one of those etsy people who sell greeting cards or you work for a container importer, i'm looking for a source for hinged-lid (or something else clever and cool) card boxes in bulk (about A6 size and in quantities of ~500) something like this would be awesome. Drop me a line, there's a reward if you know of the right source.)