January 11th, 2010

The Very Good News

I'm happy to report that A Bunny Named Swine is now available!

Begin corrupting your nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, and children or, if you're an old hand, you may continue corrupting yourself with this delightful tale of pestilence, pirates, pugilism and fluffy, friendly bunny rabbits. Words by yours truly, images by the wonderfully talented and dreadfully inappropriate Ms. Liz Afif.

*** EDIT: To order multiple copies, you can manually paypal $10/copy + $1.75 to cassidy at netaxs.com and Carl the Intern Monkey will make sure you get your copies. ***

*** EDIT: Shipping to England is $4 Shipping 3 copies to England is $8.88. I know this now ***

*** EDIT several people have asked about autographed copies -- I'll sign all the ones going out, but Liz is in County for 30 days (bar fight / public indecency / the glove fit / blah blah blah) and they won't let her have a Sharpie, we'll see what can be done at a later date. The ones with only one signature will be rare and no doubt valuable when this edition sells out. ***

There are a very few press copies available (less than 100) -- drop me a line if you write for a swell publication, printed or on-line that would review it.

trillian_stars shows some concern about the inappropriateness of this book.

bunnynamedswine.com for more info.

$10.00 + $1.75 shipping & handling in the U.S.

s/h is limited to $1.75 no matter how many copies you buy -- one, two, or three hundred

If you live outside of the U.S. and want to pay with euros, rials, dobras, swap for penguins, old treasure maps, or Prince Polo bars, or live within the U.S. but have nought but fresh peach cobbler or antique wedding dresses to call your own, drop me an email, we'll figure it out.

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