January 13th, 2010

surround yourself with creative people and you will alway be surrounded by creative people

So, today trillian_stars and I & Colin from availabledark.com went up to New York to see a special private performance by Evelyn Evelyn, a new musical act discovered by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. It was bizarre and beautiful and sad and tragic and amazing. It was also some sort of weird swim through a bit of the stunning and wonderful cacophony of shadows that has threaded through my world. It was a sparking moment -- like walking into the focus of life.

And it really made clear to me that you should find the people who inspire you and who force you to be creative and spend the hours of your life, the currency of your being, with them.

One person we were so happy to meet finally was Kambriel who -- I don't know if I need to describe her, everybody knows who she is, and she's made so many of the most wonderful outfits trillian_stars owns. We'd spent so much time with packages and emails back and forth, that it was something like we already knew her. She and Trillian got right along. AND she said "I don't mind sitting on the ground, even though it's 18 degrees out" -- which always gets you points in my book. (Oh, plus she made these for me.

Clickenzee to embiggen to View The Fashunz

Clickenzee to embiggen to View The Fashunz

Evelyn Evelyn is being managed by Sxip Shirey whom I met for the first time three or so years ago. He makes sure they get where they need to be, that they get on stage at the right time, and, I suppose, he probably is the one who makes sure they practice.

One of the most awesome people I've met in the last year of meeting amazing people has been horror novelist Peter Straub who apart from scaring me half to death in my youth has proved to be one of the ... nicest, funniest, humble people I've met. It's no surprise that he's very good friends with one of the other nicest, funniest, humble people I'm happy to call a friend, Neil Gaiman.

Scott Irvine is an excellent photographer. He took this photo of the Dresden Dolls that you all know. He was there photographing Evelyn Evelyn. It was fabulous to meet him and watch him work. His photos are amazing.

Neil and friend.

Freaking Voltaire was there. I actually said to someone "Who does that guy think he is? Freaking Voltaire" and he was like "dude, that's Voltaire". So I went over and introduced myself. (you must watch this video of his).

We returned home, feeling tired but, somehow larger, and with life before us, blank and yawning and open, filled with nothing but potential and time.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the long-long-long. Time for bed.

Your humble narrator,

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