January 26th, 2010


1) Zoe the cat is gone. Her last days were filled with joy and love and constant attention.

To help turn the bad thing into a good thing we're auctioning off a signed portrait of Neil and Zoe. The proceeds will be divided between City Kitties and an as-yet unknown cat rescue group in Minneapolis -- I like the thought of some of this money going to a place helping cats that might share her DNA -- Zoe was a barn cat so her brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews are out there somewhere.

Clickenzee for the auction

In other news. Carl the Intern Monkey took another (though smaller) box of A Bunny Named Swine to the post office. This one included packages going to the Netherlands, many to the UK and some to New Zealand and Singapore and Hong Kong. You people are all over the place. I figured they'd all be going to Schenectady.

2) Yesterday brought an advance readers copy of the Kyle Cassidy / Elizabeth Freaking Bear (aka matociquala) secret project. It looks beautiful. It should be out in the fall. You're going to love it.

3) Not many people have our home phone number -- it's one of the Closely Guarded Secrets and as such, when it rings it's usually someone Official, like they're dialing randomly selling toothpaste or magazine subscriptions or it's my mom. So we usually wait for the answering machine to pick up and decide whether or not we want to talk to whomever it is (you say "whom" because "we" is the subject of the sentence, in case you were wondering how that works). Lately someone's been calling ten times a day, (or ten people have been calling once a day) but they never leave a message. They start at 8:00am and space their calls out until about 10 at night. I suppose I should either get caller ID or just tear the thing out of the wall. Everybody knows to email instead anyway.

4) I've been reading Unkempt - stories by Courtney Eldridge -- she's got some connection here, she's working on some project with someone who posted here, but it escapes me -- it was one of those trains of links I clicked on that ended up on Amazon late at night months ago and it showed up in the mail. In any event, the stories are beautiful. Thank you, mystery blog friend.

5) We've been trying to cook African lately, my Mesir Wat wasn't very good, my Shiro Wat was even worse. But my Ful is getting better. I just realized yesterday that berbere isn't the missing mystery ingredient, it's just something that makes things very hot. If any of you are secret Ethiopian/Eritrean chiefs, let me know the secret.

I think that's it. Be awesome today.

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