February 8th, 2010

The Play's The Thing

trillian_stars has a new play opening soon, Sartre's "No Exit" on Feb 19th. We'd love to pack opening night with y'all. We haven't worked out the details yet, but we'll probably be offering the standard deal -- people who come from more than 200 miles away are welcome to crash in the Rock Star Hotel for opening night which includes a "meet the cast" party afterwards. Last time we had a house full of people and a lifetime full of fun.

You can click here to order tickets.

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I'm Giving Away an Autographed Copy of Peter Straub's "A Dark Matter"

Like he needs any help from me, but Peter Freaking Straub the man who singlehandedly re-invented the gothic novel, scared the wits out of millions of people for the past 30 years, as well as acting on a soap opera, has a new book out and I want you to read it so much I'm giving away an autographed copy of it.* (He's also a very very funny man, check out his website and read his Frequently Asked Questions).

Forty years ago something happened in a field in Wisconsin.

Something horrible that left one person dead, horribly mutilated, and another ... simply vanished with no trace. The other seven people who were in that field had their lives changed in ways that nobody will ever understand. At the heart of it is Spencer Mallon, the strange, charismatic guru who brought them to that place and lead them in a strange ritual.

Four decades later, the survivors are scattered and one man, armed with a handwritten manuscript -- the diary of a dead detective who was unable to solve the greatest case of his career -- sets out to discover what happened, and what manifested itself in that field so many years ago.

Here's how it goes:

To win this book, mailed to your door, write a short story in 350 words or less that involves Roswell and any mix of the following:

a) a mysterious man named Spencer Mallon
b) a creepy, lonely field in Wisconsin
c) a shadowy serial killer
d) college buddies
e) hidden pasts
f) apparitions and monsters
g) strange rituals

(If you're new to all this, Roswell is my cat.)

Roswell, photographed with book to enhance value

Post your entry here in the comments. The final winner may possibly be picked by Peter Freaking Straub, we shall see.

Contest goes until midnight TUESDAY, February 16th 2010. Continental US only. In the event of a winner from outside the con. US a substitute, but equally cool prize may be awarded.

Now get writing. And feel free to repost this in your own LJ's.

* Note -- he hasn't actually signed it yet -- so in the event of some catastrophe like Peter suddenly joining a fish-cult, moving to Antarctica and refusing to sign autographs, you'll get the book and some other Thing of Coolness.
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