February 13th, 2010

Here's how the brain works....

1) A few weeks ago I sat down and wrote out the class materials for the two jewelry photography workshops I'm doing in California with Kate McKinnon then this morning I figured I'd send them to Kate, but they've gone missing on some thumb-drive somewhere. Rather than spend another hour re-writing them, I've spent four hours looking for them, the thought of re-doing them seems ... somehow deflating. That's how my brain works.

2) Some awesome news -- one is that I have entered into a Top Secret Project with Cat from Neverwear. It will be so awesome the world will be sockless when it is completed.

3) Other awesome news is that You can now order the new Ego Freaking Likeness Album which means I can finally show you the cover photo!

4) Other news, trillian_stars' new play opens the 19th. Opening night is almost sold out so we shall most likely extend the invitation for Out of Town people to stay in the Rock Star Hotel to Saturday the 20th as well. Email if you'd like to come and we'll figure it out. Don't be shy. You can buy tickets to the show here.

I did some promo photos for the show, you may repost these as you'd like.

Now with New and Improved stabbings!

Collapse )

5) I did a photo of the snowpocalypse which is so awesome I cannot post it now.

6) Carl the Intern Monkey took a box of Bunny Named Swine to the post office last week, most of these were multiple-copies-out-of-the-country, so if you're in New Zealand waiting for two copies, that might have been you.

7) Connie Willis has a new book out, Blackout WWII + time travel, and she also has my portrait of her up on her website.

8) The virtual party in Chicago went awesome. We met lots of new people and heard Molly Robison sing and play the guitar.

9) I was in the CVS this week and the guy behind the photo counter said "Hey! you're the guy who's dating that model!" -- and so I am. Hello world.

I guess I should go re-write those workshop notes now.

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