February 23rd, 2010


Those of you who have been following me on Twitter know that I post a lot of photos taken with my iPhone. In fact, it's kind of a steady stream. Well, yesterday I entered this one of goth model solstice_lilac:

in Adorama camera's iPhone photography contest where it quickly shot up to "#1 hot image" and then this morning to "#1 highest rated image".

I'm immediately suspicious of any contest that allows public voting because it unfairly benefits people with a lot of friends and seems inordinately weighted to photos of babies covered in spaghetti.

I think, however, that as far as photos taken with a cell phone go, this one is pretty good and I'm fairly confident that if I simply ask you pop over and vote for the one you like best -- there's a very good chance it'll be mine.

Recap of No Exit opening night on it's way.

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