February 26th, 2010

wintering up for the snowlizzard

Ever since we had it at the local Ethiopian restaurant, ful bean soup has been really high on the list of things I'd like to be able to make. Sadly, my Egyptian friends were no help here -- everybody's answer was some variant of "we just get it at the ful truck downstairs".

I'd posted yesterday's attempt to food_porn and got some very good feedback. Today's attempt at ful was ... Roswell approved.

I want to give it another whirl or two, but I think we're close to a keeper for Cooking With Roswell.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately, for Videomaker magazine some other fun stuff. I'll also be doing a couple of cool photography workshops, soonest and most awesomely in San Diego in a workshop geared towards jewelry makers, though it'll be the same if you photograph miniatures or little sculptures or nicknacks you sell on ebay. I think the one day is pretty close to closed but there were some cancellations on the two day, and there's financing.

There's another in Baltimore soon which I think may be renne-faire themed and one in Minneapolis in the springish that will deal with photographing horses.

trillian_stars' play goes on for a few more weeks. You should get tickets and let us know if you're coming down, cause we want to say "hi" and all.

There's a performance tonight which I shall miss -- I'll be going to see Victoria Jannsen read at Philly Fantastic and then, I'm not sure if this is a secret or not, but I'm going carousing with Stephen Segal from Weird Tales Magazine to discuss Highly Top Secret Things. Though if people show up I'm sure we'll bring you along and it'll be splendid.

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