February 27th, 2010

math skills?

I thought "I wonder if that Adorama iPhonetography contest is over yet" so I went and checked, it's running for 20 more hours. My photo is still ranked #1 (whee). But then I started reading all the fine print on the contest and found this ... odd thing buried in the rules:

To be officially declared a Winner, each selected Entrant must first correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, a mathematical skill-testing question.

What the heck? "... You must answer me these questions three, ere the other side ye see -- what a is the cosign of 33.2341? And put down that slide rule!" madcaptenor might pull an upset on this contest.

Went to see Victoria Jannsen's reading last night & had a swell time. Picked up an interesting book for trillianstars -- photos of early 20th century opera singers called "Lost Divas". Great photos.

Always helpful, Roswell often offers to clean out the jars before we put them in the recycling.

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