March 1st, 2010

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I spent a good chunk of the past few days writing articles for Videomaker and putting together the San Diego macro photography class materials, but we also managed to get out a bit.

Had lunch down town at the vegan Chinese restaurant "New Harmony" and snapped this three image panorama of the city on the way back. There are some beautiful parts to this city, but you have to pay attention.

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trillian_stars' production of No Exit has been sold out every night but one. The run has only two weeks left and attendance usually ramps up towards the end, so I encourage you to get tickets in advance if you're going.

We went out to see Mozart's Requiem performed at the Church of the Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse square. It was a bold and accurate rendition accompanied by the Curtis Institute's orchestra and attended, it seems, by no one over 35, which was nice to see.

For two days now I've been trying to find a legal copy of The Queen is Dead or Meat is Murder by the Smiths but Morrissey's making it hard on me. It seems they only have one CD available for download on either iTunes or Amazon. I tried to buy the CD locally yesterday but found nothing. It's as though time opened up and swallowed that sad man. I figured the used record stores, at least, would be littered by them. I'd order a copy of the record from Amazon, but I suspect my interest in actually listening to it will have long wained by the time it would arrive.

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Still compiling things that need to be mailed out & finding mailers appropriate for fountain pens & autographed books, but I hope to get all that taken care of this week.

The leak in the living room ceiling has gotten bad which pretty much means we have to move furniture and set up buckets whenever someone takes a shower. So we had a plumber in over the weekend who frowned and poked at things and said "we'll need to take the whole ceiling out." Which made me a bit sad, but then said "I can pretty easily replace what you have with a giant hot tub while I'm doing this." Which made me more happy than any of the sad. So the house will be dismantled in the coming months, but then we'll be spending a lot of time sipping Cristal in the hot tub and listening to Morrissey. Or Mozart.

Hope your day is awesome. Do something spectacular. In fact, there's no day like today to begin work on your poetry collection.

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