March 3rd, 2010

Post for cats and people....

con_or_bust is a community that helps minority fans get to conventions. They're auctioning off a whole bunch of cool stuff, Including an 11x17 portrait of Samuel R. Delaney I took. You know you want it. Auction ends March 13th.

You know there are those stray cats who run away from you, and there are those others that desperately want a person? Sherman's one of those ones who desperately want a person. He's a tiny fluffy tuxedo. And you'll want to check out his blog, and then you'll want to take him home. He's got a foster family, but needs a place to live forever. He's in Philadelphia.

lawbabeak is representing a woman on death row in TN and writes:

I know y'all are really busy (and get requests like this often), but would you consider posting it on your blog? Bottom line: battered woman who hired someone to kill her batterer is sentenced to death. Her appeals have been exhausted, and an execution date could soon be set. It's up to the governor now - visit Gaile's Petition Site

Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to be on Jay Whaley's internet radio show plugging the San Diego photography workshops March 20-21 -- we'll be talking about photography and making stuff and who knows what else. There will be an on-line tweet-along and chat room. Sounds like fun.

you can listen live here Thursday at 3:00 p.m. PT

This is the kind of stuff we'll be doing in San Diego:

That is all. Be splendid today.

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Roswell says "thank you Interwhebz!"

Sherman the cat sent Roswell some nori! Which, as those of you who have been following along for a while know, is her favorite food.

Roswell would knock down Santa Clause for some nori.

Youtube connected this video with Sushicat, making me wonder if this love of seaweed is a tuxedo thing....

What weird thing to your animal friends go crazy for?

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