March 18th, 2010

Photo workshops

Hey folks, I got a call from Kate Mckinnon yesterday saying that there have been three last minute cancellations to our photo workshops this weekend. Two for the one-day (friday) class and one for the two day saturday-sunday class. If you're in or near San Diego and want to come to this, it's geared towards macro photography, but we'll be doing some model work and lighting work in the two day class. Drop me or Kate an email if you're interested in coming, we can work out payment plans so you can spread it out over a period of time too, so don't let the money be the issue. (And if you want to just come to one day of the weekend class, we can probably work something out too.)

If you're in Philly, trillian_stars is having a house party while I'm gone, check out her blog for details.

Here's a Lumix GF1 shot of a bird from monday, taken with a Sigma 100mm macro in Nikon mount. I love the fact that you can put nearly any lens on this baby.

Photo of a hidden rhino here.

have fun while I'm away. I'll try and blog some photos from the workshop and I'll very likely be posting stuff (meaning iPhonetography) to Twitter.

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