April 7th, 2010

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of Mëtäl.

Valya and I encouraged singer/songwriter Molly Robison ("challenged" is actually more like it) to make one of her Friday Cover Songs something by Rammstein because, you know, they have flamethrowers strapped to their faces. She's a bit daunted by trying to sing a song in German and Valya and I decided that it would be almost equally as cool if she did a Motorhead or Iron Maiden cover.


What Mötörhëäd, Rämmstëin, or Irön Mäidën song would you like to hear a sweet, lilting, joyful Molly Robison cover of?

As for Molly, check out her music and, if you want, stalk her on twitter. Her covers are fun, but her originals are awesome. ("No love in Cicero" is my favorite.)

(also, heard back from LJ, will post later tonight)
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