April 8th, 2010

Photos and whatnot

Yesterday I photographed Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (@tedleo on twitter). It was swell but a little rushed, it had been a long day and everybody wanted to sleep and all those things that come as side-effects to being famous in a band catch up with you and there's someone who wants to interview you for some magazine and there's a sound check &c &c and everybody's tired, but they soldier through. There's a great interview w/ Ted in the Village Voice on being middle class in the music world. Ultimately we banged it out & the band went off to rock the house. (My favorite song from the new album is One Polaroid a Day.)

In other news Steampunk Shakespeare! -- trillian_stars has a new blog up on the Curio Theatre Blog about how the costumes are coming together. I don't see too much of her these days, she's always at rehearsal, but I know the show is going to be awesome.

Y'all be awesome too.

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