April 13th, 2010


Okay, I can finally freaking talk about this!

In April of 2009 I did a shoot with the awesome Industrial darkwave?/goth?/electronica?/ebm?/triphop?/whatever? band Ego Likeness for their full length on Metropolis called "Breedless". Well, the album is finally out! You can order the CD or digital download from Metropolis or you can get it from iTunes (it's cheaper on Metropolis).

You should get the CD though, because it's got a booklet that has 8 pages of my photos. Phillyist gave it an awesome plug here. And, I'm Very Happy to see that it's Metropolis' #1 seller for the week of April 11th. Out of the gate like a freaking tiger.

This is my favorite photo from the shoot and it didn't even make it on to the cover! I've been sitting on this, wriggling like a schoolboy with a secret for a year now and I want to show it to you. I haven't seen the booklet, but I hope this is in there somewhere.

All their albums are great, but you should get this one first.

I love collaborating with people on art projects. Maybe I should do the 2xcreative flash collaboration this month.

(Oh, Intern Monkey Carl is back from spring break, I'm going to try and get those freaking fountain pens in the mail. Rock on, be awesome, etc. etc. etc.)

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