April 19th, 2010

Let me tell you about something wonderful

We're scattered across the Earth as humans, held together by things like nationality, taste in music, clothes, even things like hair color or even stranger things like the proclivity for a certain car or ... dare I say, writing implement -- over the years I've found hospitality around the world offered to me from people who have the same obscure brand of camera that I do.

We band ourselves together into tribes in so many ways -- but let me tell you about one that may be the most unique I know of, because this club is very freaking exclusive -- this is the Very Very Very Very Small Club of people named Kyle Cassidy.

I know about a few of them, we're constantly ruining one another's vanity searches. There is, of course, Kyle Cassidy the editor of Wend magazine, a couple of high school sports stars, the pro wrestler, Kyle Cassidy, the Celtic Crippler. There's Kyle Cassidy in Hollywood, working dilligently behind the scenes. We're all over the place and I delight in the seeming that we're all creative people -- these brothers I share no DNA with, no parentage, nothing but the fleeting fate of a few syllables uttered at the right moment by our parents. I imagine a gathering where we all show up and do something incredibly splendid -- like make a movie where every single action is performed by someone named Kyle Cassidy.

In any event, I want, to tell you about this, because I'm really, really proud of Kyle Cassidy (the singer/songwriter) from Dallas who's just completed his first album. If you like Joshua Radin, or Pete Yorn, you'll love me, I mean, him.

It's a beautiful album. I wish I'd shot the cover, and I wish Kyle Cassidy had written the liner notes, but we'll get together some day and we'll do something together. And when we do, it'll freaking blow you away.

Buy this album. It's beautiful. I wish I made it.


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