April 29th, 2010

Make Art, Save Kittens!

I've been remiss in pointing out the Annual City Kitties Art Auction!. They're accepting art right now for both the show and the auction.

If you're an established artist then you have a closet full of already-framed art you can't think of what to do with, if you're not yet established, this is an awesome chance to see your work on a gallery wall.

I'll probably be submitting some iPhonetography this year. I'm thinking, multiple pieces with a low price, but send what you want -- and don't think you're limited to photos or paintings, there's no reason that the scarf you knitted shouldn't be there.

Donations are Tax Deductable!

All the proceeds from this go to my absolute favorite charity, saving stray cats & kittens in West Philadelphia. If you're an artist with work you'd like to contribute, please contact them.

More info here

Here's who you're helping:

& here's the crowd & space from last year -- you KNOW you want to be in this show.

Deadline for the show (which hangs a month) is tomorrow, but deadline for the actual auction isn't until May 23rd, but get it in now.

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