May 1st, 2010


Jon's in Trillian's play, he plays Sebastian, the lost twin of Viola (played by his real-life sister Chelsea). Anyway, a few weeks ago, Jon friended me on Facebook and while I was looking through his wall I saw that he's a hip-hop dance instructor during the day & he had all these amazing videos of him doing crazy dance moves. So after one of the shows we started talking about photos and dancing and whatnot and we finally got together this afternoon and he performed acts of physical prowess. (As Sir Andrew says in Twelfth Night "An ’t be any way, it must be with valor, for policy I hate.") And I snapped some photos.

Then we went out to dinner with novelist Carolyn Turgeon. Cool stuff coming up this week.

(And feel free to repost this photo in your blog if you'd like. Someone asked - I don't mind, just link back.)

Be awesome.

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