May 7th, 2010

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Jon can really stand on his head like this.

Shooting more dancers on Sunday. After this I'm still looking for ballet dancers & tumblers, drop me a line. Saturdays' makeup shoot is cancelled, might be tuesday afternoon now.

If you haven't seen Twelfth Night at Curio Theatre you don't have much time. Tonight, tomorrow, and three shows next week that will probably sell out. Get tickets. Don't be the kid who in 50 years is sitting on the porch of the nursing home lying about it: "Oh yeah, I was at Steampunk Shakespeare. After the show, trillian_stars walked right past me and said 'nice boots'. I was wearing boots i'd made myself out of old cheese and burlap. Very Steam Punk, that being the style back then. She was a very nice lady. Have I shown you my goggles?"

What's your favorite Wolfsheim album? I'm going to order a new one from IsoTank I have "Casting Shadows".

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