May 12th, 2010

Lots of stuff going on

This is going to be one of those year-end-report type posts, so much stuff going on:

1) Brian from BCJ photography was here for a couple days on his way through town -- he's traveling across the country photographing burlesque dancers and doing a smashing good job of it. I'm looking forward to the book. He's @bcjphotography on twitter as well -- follow his trip, and if you're in burlesque and your town is on his route, drop him a line.

2) Jewelry? Photography? Hella yeah. Freakin' Kake Mckinnon and I are back at it with a four day jewelry making & photography workshop in Tuscon AZ, November 4-7. You'll be making jewelry and then learning macro photography. It's about half sold out at the moment so don't sit on the fence with this one. learn about the class and sign up here. Making etsy a more beautiful place one day at a time.

3) My photos are up at the City Kitties Art Show. It hangs for a month at the awesome Studio 34 before the auction. I've got 31 iPhonetography pieces -- and they look quite smashing if I do say so myself. (City Kitties is still accepting art for the auction, so SUBMIT.)

Buy art, save kittens.

4) Did someone say iPhonetography? I'm doing a series of photo workshops geared specifically for this wonderful device. Los Angeles November 9, 10, and 11, and local ones in New Jersey and Philadelphia at a date to be announced soonish.

5) Photo workshop for Renaissance Faire Dress Designers??? It's true. Dates still in flux (June most likely) and we're looking for the right location around Philadelphia, contact ysobelle if you're interested.

6) I got the two newest Ego Likeness albums, North and Breedless. They're both wonderful. Seriously. I've been listening to EL for a long time and I think by far Breedless is their best to date. If you like EBM, dark industrial, a bit of Siouxsie, whatever the kids are calling it these days, do check it out. It's got crunch guitars, it's got synths, it's haunting, it's lovely. One thing that makes me terribly sad is that North, which is one of my absolute favorite Ego Likeness album covers, is a limited edition and it's not going to be seen & heard by as many people as it ought. I guess though that's the whole idea of a Limited edition. I think there are 27 unattributed copies left on Earth. Here's another photo of Roswell showing off North

Ego likeness albums photographed with Tatiana to enhance value.

7) ladyjaneinlace writes:

Our friend and local author Reesa Brown was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Like many artists and small businesspeople, she has no insurance. She's come through surgery with flying colors, but now must deal with medical bills and likely ongoing expenses associated with her cancer treatment.

To help defray some of her expenses, her friends have launched the SpinAThon. The SpinAThon is an auction of goods and services provided by a group of dedicated local artisans and craftspeople. Author Steven Brust is contributing some of his books as well, to be personalized as desired by the winner.

Here is the link to the auction:, as well as Reesa's LJ page:

Here also is one of my friend's posts:

8) The winner of the "What Wumpscut album should I buy next?" question was "Spectators" by a long shot. I ordered it from isotank. Review to follow.

9) Hopefully an LJ User Advisory post soonish. Waiting to hear back on things.

10) Don't know why I buried this way down here, but the Kyle Freaking Cassidy / Elizabeth Freaking Bear Top Secret Project will be available at the Steampunk Worlds Faire. No foolin. More info as it happens

11) Freakin' kambriel saves the day. She wrote saying "I hear you need an outfit for the Steampunk Worlds Faire. I can make you one tonight." Freaking "tonight". Like 12 hours to make a shirt and jacket. I hope she doesn't have a shed full of child laborers in her back yard.... Nah, it's probably elves.

12) To my friends in Great Britain -- congratulations? -- I still don't know what happened or if it's good or what any of you mean when you say "conservative" and "liberal", but I'm glad you have some sort of government. Your cousins in the U.S. know what it's like not knowing.

13) Oil spill -- don't even know what to say. We're sending Milla's fur to Matter of Trust though.

I need to make a post about the efficacy of Twitter in a LiveJournal world. I was a holdout, but I think there may be some use for microblogging. It's where I post all my iPhonetography anyway.

Anyway, I've held up your friends page for too long. Go be awesome.

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