May 14th, 2010

Steampunk Worlds Fair Today

I'm at the Steampunk Worlds Fair Today through Sunday. Come find me.


Friday: Steampunk Photography 101
4:30 - 5:30 Embassy Suites Ballroom
Welcome PHOTOGRAPHERS and MODELS we'll be setting up lights and taking photos. Bring your camera, bring your camera questions, bring your portfolios, bring your fabulous outfits, it's going to be a steampunk photo extravanza, we'll talk about what makes a good photo & deconstruct iconographic Steampunk Images.

Sat: I'm wandering around, but nothing scheduled. Find me, say "hi" and set up a shoot.

Sunday: 1:00 Fashion Show -- trillian_stars is in it, so you can bet i'll be there.
2:00-3:00 Steampunk Photography Redux -- if there's a laptop & projector there, we'll talk about photoshop, but we'll also be doing a redux of Friday -- bring your camera, bring your friends in costume.

(Here are some of the photos I did at Worldcon in Montreal Last year:)

Worldcon 2009 Fan Portraits
See the whole set on flicker

Also, advance copies of the Top Secret Kyle Cassidy / Elizabeth Bear Project Will be on Sale!! -- I'm not sure at what table yet, but I'll post it to twitter ( when I know.

kambriel came swinging in at the last second saying "20 hours? That's more than enough time to make you an entire custom outfit." So here's what I'll be wearing:

I need me some goggles though. Are you vending at the Fair? I'll swing by and check out yr stuff.

I shall see you all being Awesome at the Fair!

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