May 29th, 2010

Art Art Art

City Kitties auction went nicely. I have five prints (out of 30 something) that didn't sell. they're all decent prints and here's what i'ma gonna do:

The first five people who email me a receipt for a donation to City Kitties in excess of $10 and their address, get a print from me in the mail. Donations are tax deductible too.

I also ran downtown to see freaking Tom Purdom read from his latest story at Robins Books, I wish I had a video of it. That guy is great. I raced back to the art show to find out that I'd been outbid on pretty much everything but did manage to walk away with one of haleyluna's prints. (Though I had to puncture some tires and slightly poison someone, but that's a different story.)

As of midnight Friday, 6,850 people downloaded the iPhonetography Arizona travel diary. On the heels of all this iPhone goodness, I'd run into Alyce last night at the City Kitties art thing and realized we hadn't seen one another for a while, so she came by today and we did some photos.

Alyce, photographed with my iPhone.

Roswell and I just cooked a vegan lasagna which I accidentally put in at 550 degrees instead of 350. We're going to go see how that tastes now.

You should do something awesome tonight; take a cool photo with your cell phone, draw a cartoon, write a poem, or send a fan letter to a teacher who meant something to you.

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