June 2nd, 2010

thank you

I gave a talk at the Sketch Club last night about how important it is for artists to be accessible, to stay in touch, and it really made me stop and think about how much I really appreciate you. Specifically the people who comment here all the time. Without you, it's just noise, with you it's a family. There are a few of you who participate regularly and really make me feel like I'm doing or saying something worth listening to -- I thank you for your comments, your encouragement, & your friendship: allykatt, wyyknot, nagasvoice, karohemd, mrmeval, saraaaaaaa, hazeleyedfae, niamh_sage, lillyflowers, ms_violet, lois2037, bubonclou, mizkit, katbcoll, lawbabeak, fivecats, trippywalnut, yo_sarrian, yerseester, word_gardner, wolfsilveroak, wishme, thespian, tigerinvaseline, steanne, spacedlaw, shuttergal, sebthecat, schquee, schpydurx, regalpewter, pteppic, petitbout, ohsonaked, moon_chylde, mcsweenyfiend, magickat, maladroital, ladycelia, kuroshii, katbcoll, howlokitty, fyr3lyt3, fivecats, elmocho, drag0nette, boobirdsfly, anmorata, allykatt, akrissy, adnar_el, -- I'm sure I'm leaving people out, chime in and be recognized.

And those of you on Google reader, you can always comment "anonymously" and leave your name.

Thanks for reading these past eleven years -- who's been following the longest?

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iPhonetography Workshop, July, California

iPhonetography workshop! July 10th and 11th in California!
(*droids welcome -- we serve their kind here)

Because everybody wants to be in LA in July.

EDIT: There is some limited crash space + possible San Diego carpooling, check for details

This is a two day workshop, we'll be spending a day photographing, then processing images the second day and ending with a gallery show, which you can invite your friends & relations to and show off your new mad skills.

All for $99, which you can think of as ten print sales in your new art career.
Camarillo California, just North of Los Angeles with access to beaches, canyons, & scenic vistas.

1) If you want to come, but the moneys standing in your way, let me know, we might be able to work something out.
2) If you desperately want to come but don't have an iPhone, let me know, we can probably work something out.
3) If you're a model who lives nearby and want to get photographed by a bunch of people with cell phones jumping around on rocks, drop me a line too.

Motel / Ride sharing is an option.
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