June 8th, 2010

The World

Roswell was a stray and when I see her now, lounging around in a sunbeam, plump and content, or trotting along behind me like a puppy, I often think how different her life would have been if she hadn't had the chance to come inside.

This is Vanessa, she was rescued by project M.E.O.W. (Make Every One Wanted) last week. She's one of those rare gems, a feral who wants a person. M.E.O.W. writes:

"She was found severly emaciated, dehyrated and is currently unable to control her bladder or bowels. At first she needed around the clock nursing care. Every 3 hours she needed to be hand-fed, bathed and towel dried. We've had several blood tests done, but the underlying cause has not yet been found yet.

We know "Vanessa" has the potential to grow into a beautiful, healthy cat. She just needs a little help and love. We are asking for donations to cover her veterinary bills. You can donate money to help Vanessa By clicking on this paypal link here."

I'm passing this along because I'm given great hope for humanity by people's desire and ability to perform good deeds and to try and make the world a better place. That people like project M.E.O.W. exist and get up every morning with a shoestring budget and pour their time and effort into giving one forgotten animal like her a chance. And that people like many of you out there stop the car to pick up an injured dog, or open your house to abandoned ferrets, travel a thousand miles to wipe oil off of a heron and cry when spiders die. That gives me hope -- when seeing the news from Louisiana I know that people who didn't start the problem will work hard to fix it -- not because there's money in it, but because their own moral compass demands it.

So here's hoping for Vanessa, and all the animals looking for people out there.

And if you've got a picture or a story about a stray or abandoned animal that found a person, please share it.

Project M.E.O.W.'s paypal link to help Vanessa is here.
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