June 14th, 2010

the raven queen, evolving

This is the best photo I've taken in days.

One of my favorite things is taking a group of people who have expertise in differing areas and putting them together to make a result no one of them could have accomplished alone. I was very happy to be able to work with designers Heartless Revival this weekend. We spent most of Saturday with Autumn, & Alex and the model @Daph_Punk making photographs and into the evening at Dorian's Parlor where trillian_stars was modeling for Mayfaire Moon (photos of that to come). It really was a wonderful time. They were all a delight -- enthusiastic and professional.

I also really like working on transformations & telling stories & I think this photo does a nice job at both. If done right, I think, my photos ask more questions than they answer. You can make up your own story as to what's going on here & let me know.

Clickenzee to embiggen

We also met Psyche Corporation who have songs about the Fibbocinni Sequence, the war between Oz and Wonderland, the Black Death and the inevitable Robot Apocalypse, which makes them cool in my book.

I Twittered a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots and after the fashion show trillian_stars and I went out to XIX, high atop the Bellevue Stratford and looked back at a day that felt like a week and it was all pretty marvelous.

And let me know if you like this version better.

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