July 15th, 2010

Yes, WE HAVE KITTENS! and they need NAMES! and they need PEOPLE!

Our friends Rich and Maureen, who discovered that great glob of cute , Meatball Sung have found three tiny, tiny, tiny little homeless kittens. All of them were flea infested, worm ridden, and had their eyes swollen shut from infections.

These little buttons need round the clock care, eye dropper feeding every four hours and lots of love as they wiggle around and mewp, searching for love and their purpose on Earth.

These guys need three things right now:

1) They need homes. Foster homes and forever homes. (City Kitties will cover their foster care expenses, you provide the love, we provide the litter.)

2) They need NAMES because every kitten needs a name

3) and lastly they need MONEY for their vet bills.

Can you help out with any of theses? What shall we call them and what shall become of them?! To be sure, there will be kitten pix for the next couple of weeks as these fellas start wobbling around. And the big question -- will they inspire Roswell's inner mother to play with them & lick their tiny little heads?

You click to see larger pictures of Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3.

You can donate money to help them out here by sending money to City Kitties and you can tell us what you think they should be called! Post your name suggestions in the comments.

It's been a while since we've had kittens around here. Oh frabjuous day!

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kehten update

There are few tasks singularly more rewarding than bottle feeding tiny little sad kittens that become happier while you hold and feed them.

Those of you who are thinking "Dear god, please stop with the freaking kitty pix," you know, I'll try and hold back. But, they're so cute.

I'll let you know when I find out how much money we've raised for them. Until then. Thanks for everything. Be good to something or someone today.

This is Rich feeding Thing 2.

You love them, you know it.

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