July 17th, 2010

Some things

trillian_stars got me the coolest present -- it's a coffee mug. that looks like a lens. Awesome? Awesome? Of course it is. It even has working AF/MF and Stabilizer switches. (Well, the switches move anyway, my tea doesn't seem to get any sharper.) Now I just have to keep from pouring hot water in one of my real lenses at 4:30 in the morning when Roswell gets me up to start the day.

In other news, Thing2 is not feeling well. While his brothers have been rapidly gaining weight, Thing2 has lost 15 grams, he's not eating, refusing the bottle, and he actually looks lonely. His brothers will play and jump and wrestle and Thing2 will sit in a corner and watch them, sometimes reaching out an awkward paw as they roll past. All this was alarming so he had an emergency vet visit yesterday. At the vet I learned how to intubate him and get food into his little belly. The vet said that his weight loss might be from "massive parasitic die-off" -- they were all given de-wormng meds, but this weekend will be critical for him. I'll update when I know more and will no doubt have some periodic Twitter updates about his progress. Rich and Maureeen & Trillian & I are giving him the best care we can. Which reminds me, as of 9:30 yesterday morning, you have contributed $719 to City Kitties for the Thing's vet bills. Y'all are wonderful. That all goes to helping homeless cats and your kindness gives me an extended faith in humanity's desire & capability to do Good Things. Wear an extra smile today, we'll let you know how Thing2 progresses.

Keep being awesome today.

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