July 18th, 2010

Thing update

Thing2 didn't make it. He died peacefully this morning. The demands on his little body were too much. His brothers are healthy & happy and gaining weight.

This is the last video of them all playing together. Thing2 is the shy one in the back.

I'm sad we lost Thing2, but his brothers are healthy and happy and if Rich hadn't found them, they'd all be dead now. & Thing2 died safe and loved. I think that's the only way to look at it in the cat rescue game.

If you want to leave a message here for Rich who was the one who woke up every 2 hours to bottle feed him, who wiped him with damp cotton balls, picked off his fleas, and essentially filled all the roles of mother for all of the kittens for the past few days, you can leave them here, he'll see them.

You can still help the kittens out here by sending money to City Kitties, they're 501c so it's tax deductible. You can also help by reminding your friends to spay & neuter their animals, loving up your own fluffies, walking a dog for a neighbor, volunteering at a local animal rescue or by being kind to something or someone for no reason. Be good people.

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