July 20th, 2010

Just a couple things quick

1) There were some cancellations for the July 31-August 1 photo workshop in Chicago if you want to be part of that, email valya (at) vdlupescu (dot) com. It's $100 for two days. You can't beat that with a stick. There's also an open position for someone who can't afford it but is willing to act as an assistant. This person should have a car, because there might be things like running off to get lights or props involved. For the assistant position, email me at kyle (at) kylecassidy (dot) cam. If you're not sure if the workshop's for you and have questions, email me.

2) Intern Monkey Llinds spent all of last night putting together big parts of the very disassembled Kyle Cassidy / Elizabeth Bear project. It's untraditional in a number of ways that make distribution a challenge and we're going to give Etsy a whirl. Is there an Etsy expert out there who'd be willing to volunteer setting up a page & making it look nice in exchange for swag? Drop me an email or post "OOOH! OOH! ME! ME!" here in the comments with a link to your own Etsy page (the advantage of that being that lots of people will see your page).

3) There is also a complete minor Kyle Cassidy / Michael Swanwick project but it's so ... unweildy ... I think the only way we'll be selling it is in person

4) If you know a vet in the Chicago area who's got service related tattoos, hook us up. If you're a bartender at the VFW, give me a shout.

That's about it. I'll post Thing1 & Thing3 videos to Twitter today. Be fabulous, write a poem.

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