July 22nd, 2010

Just some stuff

Working on the Top Secret Elizabeth Bear / Kyle Cassidy project. It will be ready to go soon. I'll be calling Etsy peeps. Is Etsy a good way to sell something? Let me know if a) you love buying stuff through Etsy or if you've never heard of it.

Omar from yesterday. When I saw him he shouted "NO PICTURES! IT'S AN ANGRY DAY!" and about thirty seconds later he said "wait, take an angry photo of me with something that looks angry." And then he saw a cat across the street and yelled to it "Thomas!" and the cat came running and jumped into his arms. "Thomas is my favorite cat," he said. Anger, at least momentarily, dissipated.

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"Put my picture on the Internet!" he said when I was leaving. "I have a web page, but I forgot my password."

So if you see Omar, tell him his picture's on the Internet.

And Roswell, driving the sock drawer towards adventure.

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Be awesome today.

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