July 31st, 2010

Morning Cat Face

I realize that I have been terribly negligent about telling you about #morningcatface.... I have but one alarm clock, which is Roswell shoving a claw up my nose in the early AM to let me know that it's time to get up and make her breakfast. So every morning I am jolted awake by a searing pain in my face and open my eyes to the stern and dour face of Miss Roswell, sitting astride my chest and looking down at me like a disapproving school marm or maybe the angry bully you share a cell with if you were in a Woody Allan movie.... Over the past few weeks, I've gotten in the habit of grabbing the iPhone during this event and posting a photo of it to twitter. And then other people started doing it. And then I registered morningcatface.com and tied it into a flickr group so you all can, you know, post photos of your Early Morning Villains.

I'm in Chicago right now doing a two day photo workshop at valya_dl's house with silveringridd & focals tabor330 dizzydarkhorse ellen95 cillic & hyperiate. I did a nice portrait for War Paint with a great Iraq vet.

It's been magical but we were up until four in the morning last night because tabor330& valya_dl & the singer/songwriter Molly Robison and fantasy illustrator mcmatz threw me a party and we played in a giant toy house that was eleven feet tall and molly played the guitar and ... i'm going to type this and hit enter and fall out of the chair and sleep like a log.

I am so sleepy, I can hear the Earth speak. Good night people. Be awesome. Post your morning cat face in the morning.....
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